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RV Odd Couple's Statistics

Since publishing our first video December 8th, 2018, the RV Odd Couple’s traffic has grown from 500 views the first month and continues to grow every day.

Date: Updated 5 October 2019

Overview Stats

Total Views3.6 Million*
Total Watch Minutes25.4 Million*
YouTube Subscribers55K*
Email Newsletter Subscribers17200+*

For every vlog post released, the content is also published to the RV Odd Couple’s blog, FaceBook page, Pinterest page (multiple boards), and published in RV Odd Couple’s Monthly newsletter.


Viewer GenderViewsAverage View DurationAverage Percentage ViewedWatch Time(minutes)


Viewer AgeViewsAverage View DurationAverage Percentage ViewedWatch Time(minutes)
13-17 Years0.0%0:352.7%0.0%
18-24 Years1.2%4:0330.3%0.9%
25-34 Years6.2%5:0037.4%5.7%
35-44 Years14.1%5:2740.8%13.4%
45-54 Years24.0%5:4142.7%24.6%
55-64 Years33.8%5:5244.1%35.1%
65+ Years19.9%5:3942.2%20.3%


GeographyWatch Time(minutes)ViewsAverage view Duration
United States90.6%89.4%6:35
United Kingdom0.9%1.2%4:48