Berkey is our water solution for clean, safe drinking water.  After drinking poor tasting RV Park water we partnered with Berkey and now have the best tasting water we have tried.  The most popular model, the Big Berkey, is great for the average household size. Larger Berkey models also hold more filter elements, this allows the system to produce water faster because of the higher flow rate. Use Coupon Code “RVOC” to save 5%!

Truck System Technologies is our go-to resource for monitoring tires.  The TST TPMS System is a superior system.  Originally designed for Semi Trucks, their systems are so advanced that they can monitor multiple vehicles!  This Tire Pressure Monitoring System is customizable, user friendly, and the price is budget friendly! Use Coupon Code “RVOC” to save 20% off!

Creator Go Live is trusted resource for this website and all our web needs.  If you like this website, check out Randi at Creators Go Live.  Randi isn't just a fellow RV Odd Squad member, but she's also a youtube creator herself.  Her expertise is in web-design, so when she saw fellow youtube creators with horrible sites, (like ours) she decided created a plan tailored to the needs of youtube creators.  If you're interested, check her out here.

RV Travel Newsletter is a gold mine! Wish we had found this sooner! This is a no-brainer RV Resource whether you are a full-time RVer or Weekend Warrior.  We are happy subscribers to the weekly RV Travel Newsletter, and we think you will be, too! RV Travel is in its 18th year of continuous online publication. Its goal is to provide a comprehensive source of quality news, advice, and information about RVs and the RV lifestyle.

Escapees RV Club has so many great benefits to offer because they have been perfecting our club for 40 years. They know what you need to flourish in this lifestyle because they are actual RVers!  Escapees is a terrify RV Resource offering services from saving you money with discounts, to protecting your mail, to helpful lifestyle tips.

Passport America is a membership program that provides a 50% nightly rate discount at almost 1,900 campgrounds across North America for a yearly price of $44.  We love our Passport America membership because it pays for itself in 2 night stays!  Passport America is our go-to RV resource for finding cheap RV hook-ups.  Be sure to enter Referring Member C-734206.  

Hughes Autoformer and the Power Watchdog is our trusted emergency surge protector solution for protecting our RV Electrical.  This is a superior surge protector with a replaceable module.  So rather than have to buy a new surge protector, you can just replace the module in the event of a power surge.  They also have the best autoformer in the market.  Use Coupon Code “rvoddcouple10” to save 10%!

Traveling Mailbox is our online mail management solution.  Traveling Mailbox is a great resource for digital nomads, snowbirds, travelers, RVers and more! We can receive your mail anywhere, whether it be at home, the coffee shop, a hotel across the country, or your vacation home around the world! Traveling Mailbox provides customer service 7 days a week so if you need assistance, they’re just a phone call away.

The Water Filter Store is an excellent resource for RVers.  They offer many Water Solution for the RV including onboard systems, tank cleaner, and reverse osmosis systems. They are a small, family owned company, serving those in the RV lifestyle for years!  Check them out here.