The RV Odd Couple reviews the New INSINK 4-1. Perfect for the RV Kitchen, the InSink makes the small, RV Kitchen sink more functional. The RV Odd Couple shows how functional the InSink is for an RV Kitchen and offers unique product uses as well!

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We were not paid to review this product. We are endorsing the InSink because it’s functional for food prep and cleaning for any kitchen! INSINK 4-1 is a great value.

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INSINK 4-1 Product Description

Make Food Prep, Dishwashing & Clean Up easy while saving time, water & improving safety! Featuring the Katcher + Kaddy + Kup. Great for the home, condo, apartment, vacation property, RV or camping!
Never fill your sink to do dishes, soapy water always available, wash as you work, food scraps are contained – no more fishing them out of the sink, free’s up space on your cutting board. No more searching for sharp objects under soapy water.
The Katcher: a simple funnel to direct food or scaps into the Kaddy or Kup. The Kaddy: can be used as a colander, for storage & drying of utensils. The Kup: soapy water always available, pre-wash dishes and run the dishwasher short cycle, wash other area’s of the kitchen without dripping water.
Kup & Kaddy can be positioned almost anywhere in the sink & easily removed from the suction bar, keep hands safe as a sharp objects are always visible,
Products easily nest for storage, are BPA free, made in Canada from FDA approved plastic, 100% recyclable where available, dishwasher safe & recommended for smooth sinks that are at least 6.5 inches deep


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