When you’re in a tough spot, sometimes you have to ask for help. And answers can come in the strangest ways! In this video the RV Odd Couple recounts their experience going from burnout to inspired with the arrival of a special guest to their RV. If you’re wondering who joined them on this RV Adventure, check out this Stellar’s Jay in Yosemite National Park!

The RV Odd Couple’s new friends decided to move in and built a nest in their RV while camping in Yosemite. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the RV Odd Couple started chronicling the Steller’s Jay’s mating rituals. Get a front row seat to Steller’s Jays as they nest and prepare their home for the arrival of baby chicks. And in similar fashion, the RV Odd Couple has rededicated themselves to taking care of their nest, or in this case, RV! Fulltime RVing while working can get in the way of seeing the sights. The RV Odd Couple describes some of the mistakes that they’ve made while trying to work from the road.

Be sure to follow the RV Odd Couple as they try to document Steller’s Jay Eggs, which should be arriving on Mother’s Day! And try to guess which day the eggs will hatch and which day the baby Steller’s Jays will take their first flight for a chance to win a freebie!

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